Assistance for Growing Potatoes with Us

We always assist you with relevant information regarding farming and farm technology. So, here we are with some remedies to grow potatoes. 

Que. What kind of land is suitable for growing potatoes?

Ans. Landy and sandy loamy soils are highly suitable for growing potatoes.

Que. How much time do potatoes take to grow?

Ans. Although it takes 70-120 days to grow, sometimes it depends on the potato's variety. 

Que. Which is the best time to plant potatoes?

Ans. You can plant potatoes in the early spring season. And the ideal time is late winter or late spring. 

Que. What plants can we grow in rotation with potatoes?

Ans. Crop rotation depends on the state and region. Well, basically, you can grow maize, mung, groundnut, and wheat with potatoes. 

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