Wheat Farming Tips in India : Wheat cultivation

India grows wheat varieties with different characteristics, uses, and cultivation regions. Some of the main varieties are VL-832, HS-365, WH-147, PBW-343, Sharbati, and Indian dwarf.
Wheat thrives in well-drained loamy or clayey soil with a pH of 6.5 and 7.5, rich in organic matter and adequate moisture-holding capacity.
Wheat prefers cool temperatures of 20-25°C during the growing season. On the other hand, it takes 40 days for plants to achieve vernalization at 52°F.
Proper land preparation techniques, including ploughing, levelling, and removing weeds, ensure a favourable environment for wheat growth and maximize yield potential.
The optimal sowing time for wheat in India is generally from late October to mid-December, depending on the specific region and prevailing climatic conditions.
Harvest wheat when the crop reaches the physiological maturity stage, indicated by golden colour and moisture content between 20% - 14%. Use appropriate machinery for efficient harvesting.
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