What is the difference between fertiliser and manure?

What is Fertiliser?

A fertiliser is a kind of chemical substance that offers necessary nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus to make the soil fertile.

What is Manure?

Manure is a kind of organic matter derived from decomposing dead animals and plants. It does the essential function of sustenance to the crops.

Absorption Activity

Fertiliser is easily absorbed by plants, whereas the plants slowly absorb manure.

Place of Preparation

Fertiliser is prepared in the factories; on the contrary, manure is prepared naturally in the fields.

Improve the condition

Fertiliser improves the soil’s physical condition, while manure does not improve the physical conditions of the soil.

Adverse Affects

Manure is added to the soil as organic matter to enhance its fertility. On the other hand, Fertilizer is added to the soil as a chemical but sometimes it harms to the soil fertility. 

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