Watermelon Farming In India With Complete Details

Suitable Soil

Rich and slightly sandy soils with the soil pH range from 5.8 to 6.6 is suitable for Watermelon. Also, soggy soil should be avoided for proper growth.

Climate Suitability

Watermelon is a warm weather crop and it needs proper sunshine in a dry environment. A temperature from 24-27° C is ideal for growth. 

Preparation Of Land 

We should evenly plough the field to achieve the suitable tilth stage. And make a 2.5 m gapped channel.

Irrigation Needs

Water the plants 5 days after sowing watermelon and when it matures, irrigation is done every 7 days.


We can harvest watermelon after 1.5 months of planting and some other varieties mature in 90 days.

Watermelon Yield

Watermelon gives 70 to 80 quintals of output from one acre of land.

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