Vertical Farming - Know Popular Crops and Benefits

What Is Vertical Farming

The process of producing food crops on vertical lined surfaces is known as Vertical farming. This farming method does not need large space and is profitable in a smaller area.

Vertical Farming Implementation

The common ways for implementing Vertical Farming – manual layout, artificial lighting, various growing methods and it helps in achieving sustainable goals.

Benefits Of Vertical Farming

It helps to provide a futuristic food demand plan, offers yield throughout the year, reduces water and energy consumption and saves crops from bad weather.

The Future Of Farming

With the increasing population and higher demand for food crops, this farming technique will become more popular. Therefore, it is called the future of farming.

Popular Crops For Vertical Farming

Some of the most popular crops for vertical farming are – various greens, crab farming, ginger, leafy vegetables such as lettuce and green vegetables and these are easier to grow.

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