Uses of PTO Horsepower in Tractor with Types

Power take-off ( PTO ) connects to the tractor to power them. It mostly uses bolted joints and a drive shaft for transmitting power to attached implements.

Uses of PTO HP

PTO HP uses as implements pulling power, and this helps to decrease vibration, save fuel and lessen noise.

Types of PTO HP

There are 4 types of PTO HP available to give the tractor power to pull the implement.

1. Transmission PTO Shaft

Transmission PTO is the oldest and easiest PTO shaft type available in India. You can directly connect it when you press the clutch.

2. Independent PTO

The independent PTO shaft is equipped with a clutch and is controlled separately from the tractor.

3. Economy PTO

This allows the tractor to run at a lower RPM of 540 but lowers the engine RPM to the norm.

4. Reverse PTO HP

Reverse PTO Hp in a tractor is used to turn the tractor in the opposite direction using the PTO button.
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