Unique Farming Ideas in India - Demanding & Profitable Farming

India is a country which has land for every species, including farming. Now you can start any farming with any method. So, check the unique farming ideas to raise the farming standards. 


This is silk farming in which you have to raise silkworms, and caterpillars, as they produce larvae, for silk production. In India, you need to invest a minimum of 14,000 initially to start.


It is a sustainable way of farming, which also helps to enhance the agricultural ecosystem. It increases crop diversity by using natural resources, and you can start it in your garden. 

Forest Garden

You can start a forest garden on your vacant land, which must be quite spacious to grow various plants and trees in one place. 

Floating Farm

This farming idea takes sustainable agriculture to the next level. In this farming, you can plant many vegetables and also initiate sea farming or aqua farming. 

Fleet farming

It mainly transforms residential lawns into gardens. It is a part of urban gardening which you can use commercially. 

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