Tractor Pto Types & Benefits of PTO

PTO or Take-Off Power is a crucial component of the tractor, fitted at the rear. The major use of PTO is operating the farm implements for different farming operations.
This type of tractor PTO operates at a lower RPM of 540 revolutions without disturbing the engine RPM. The Economy PTO is mostly used to operate balers and mowers.
Independent PTO comprises a separate clutch, which helps operate it without disengaging the gears. This type of tractor PTO is ideal for heavy duty operations.
Two-stage clutch live PTO can directly power the farm implements without gears. The operation of this pto tractor does not have any impact on the working of the tractor.
Transmission PTO is connected directly to the transmission of the tractor. As a result, this tractor PTO operates every farming implement with efficiency and ideal speed.
As the name suggests, reverse PTO is able to rotate in both directions. This makes it applicable for a number of farming operations for cost effective crop production.
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