Types of Sustainable Agriculture - To Fulfil Hunger & Clothing Needs for Livelihood

What is sustainable agriculture?

Sustainable agriculture is a kind of farming that fulfills the textile and food needs without comprising the upcoming resources. It is basically farming in which the farmers earn for their personal use and run their livelihood.

Sustainable Livestock Farming

Raising livestock can be an essential part of sustainable farming. Because livestock into the agricultural system can enhance its economic and environmental health.

Sustainable Urban Farming

By growing food, and flowers in less space with new technologies to meet own food needs is sustainable urban farming. For sustainable urban farming, you can grow veggies in your own garden.

Sustainable Indoor Farming

Growing leafy vegetables, fruits, and flowers in your own indoor garden and using them to fulfill your food needs. You can start vertical farming with many hydroponic, aquaponics, and aeroponics technologies.

Intensive Sustainable Farming

Intensive sustainable farming means starting farming on your own land with many vegetable varieties.

Sustainable Organic Farming

Production of organic vegetables with the use of natural fertilizers for own use or to sell for personal use is called sustainable organic farming.
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