Types of Modern Agriculture Technology

Modern agriculture technology is the extensive use of drones, robots and ultra-edge technologies in the farmlands.

1. Greenhouse Automation

Generally, this farming is practised in cool areas with a sunlight shortage. However, these days, automation in greenhouse farming has revolutionised the field of agriculture.

Advantages of Greenhouse Automation

Your crops are monitored 24*7 and need low labour costs and increase the quality of producing yield.

2. Vertical Farming Tech

Vertical farming technology is made up of energy-efficient structures that automatically control high-value crops' development, growth and health.

Advantages of Vertical Farming Tech

This helps control the water supply, which leads to less water wastage. Moreover, you can grow crops and also do fish rearing at the same time.

3. Zero Tillage

Zero-tillage is the type of production of a crop where the stumps of the previous crop are present, and you sow the crop through drillers.

Advantages of Zero Tillage

The weeds here work as an anti-soil erosion agent and prevent the crop. Also, the crop yield duration is even shorter.
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