Top 5 Variety of Melon : Types of Melon

The most famous melon in India is the sweetest and juiciest Cantaloupe, loved for its aromatic flesh and refreshing taste.
Rich in vitamins A and C, Cantaloupe is popular in India for its delicious flavour and high demand among the people of India.
Honeydew melons are gaining popularity in India for their refreshing taste and high water content. Moreover, they offer good profitability and yield potential, with increasing market demand.
Casaba melons are lesser-known but have a niche market in India. They are oval-shaped fruits with a yellow peel and white flesh, a mild flavour, and a little dry texture.
Galia melons are new to India but gaining popularity for their aromatic, sweet flavour. However, they require warm climates and well-drained soil for good profitability and yield.
Popular for their unique taste, Santa Claus melons have yellow skin with green stripes and sweet, pale green flesh.
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