Top 5 Different Types of Floriculture in India

For successful flower cultivation, pick a sunny spot with good drainage and water supply. Choose flowers that thrive in your climate and soil. Proper care ensures healthy growth and beautiful blooms.
Cut flowers are flowers that are harvested with their stems, branches, roots, and leaves intact for use in decorations or bouquets. They're picked to be arranged or used in flower arrangements.
These leafy plants thrive in pots, perfect for home gardening and indoor cultivation. They're well-suited to indoor environments, making them ideal for those looking to grow plants inside their homes.
These flowers are commonly dried for long-term use. With proper care, they can last up to a year and serve as versatile decorations for a variety of occasions and settings.
Bedding Plants involve planting seeds indoors during the off-season. After indoor growth, plants are transplanted outside to grow during the regular season.
Hanging plants, whether perennial or annual, are leafy plants or flowers grown for decoration. They are suspended from the ceiling using ropes, adding beauty and greenery to indoor spaces.
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