6 Types of Colorful Flowers in India - Multicolor Flowers

Peonies, Anemones, French Marigolds, Surfinia, Lantana and Dahlia are the colorful flower varieties in India. These flowers are known for painting landscapes with beauty.
Peonies are long-living flowers that grab attention with their beautiful petals. These colorful flowers in India are cultivated for aesthetic purposes as cut flowers.
Anemones are another colorful flower variety in India, with parsley-like leaves. These beautiful flowers have large foliage, and they blossom on 15-20 cm high stalks.
French Marigolds are known for their yellow to orange color shade, and they are found in single colored, spotted and striped, which makes them attractive as colorful flowers.
Surfinia is the new name of petunias in India. It is an eye-catching colorful flower variety, which has great market value, and Surfinia is generally grown for cut flowers.
This colorful flower is adaptable to different conditions, making it a profitable flower to grow commercially. Lantana emerges in clusters with tubular-structured flowers.
Varying from small to large sizes, these colorful flowers consist of one head on a single stem. Dahlias flowers can be found in white, yellow, red, or purple color.
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