Types of Cattle Farming Process and Benefits

We need to plan the cattle farming by arranging the necessary documents and selecting the right location. Then, the next step is to create a farm and manage regular checkups.
Intensive cattle farming is a type of farming in which different breeds of cattle are used for different yields or products and it requires high labour and capital.
In this type of cattle farming, animals are raised in closed spaces. However, they are allowed to roam freely in a defined boundary for grazing, leading to proper care.
This cattle farming is also known as large-scale cattle farming and it is practiced on large land with adequate pasture. Thus, animals consume natural resources in this farming.
When the animals travel to different locations for foods or other needs, the type of cattle farming is known as Nomadic livestock or Semi-nomadic livestock farming.
Cattle Farming generates biogas, improves soil quality and produces employment opportunities. Therefore, it is adopted as one of the beneficial farming practices.
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