5G Technology in Agriculture in India - know types and Advantages

5G agriculture technology will assist the farmers to connect to the internet of things and help them by providing real time data about the animals and crop field.
By using autonomous robots and advanced sensors, we can study and analyse the crops regarding their mineral and water requirements. Also, we stay updated about the field’s needs.
Drones help in quickly obtaining the data of the farm on the fingertips of the farmer. With the help of remote sensing drones, the data is transferred quickly.
This technology is applicable for various purposes such as planting the seeds at a specific depth, accurate distance between the rows, and this is achieved through CNC.
5G technology is also useful for boosting animal yield. By tracking the health of farm animals, we can monitor and balance the nutrition of animals, resulting in better yield.
A smart farmer can easily semi-automate the aquaculture by the help of 5G technology. And we can monitor oxygen levels of water, pH value, temperature and other parameters.
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