Turnip Farming Tips in India - Turnip Benefits

Turnips aid in cancer prevention, promote heart health, possess anti-inflammatory properties, and provide antioxidants. They also support bone health, offer fiber for digestive health.
Turnip vegetables thrive in various soils, but well-drained sandy loam with high humus content is optimal. Avoid very light, sandy or excessively heavy soils.
Prepare the land similarly to radish farming for turnip farming. Use a couple of plows to achieve fine tilth and remove weeds. Add 25 tonnes/ha of well-rotted farmyard manure.
Irrigation should be carried out every 8 to 10 days. Mulching helps maintain soil moisture and prevents weed growth. No irrigation is necessary during the rainy season.
For effective weed control in turnip plantations, three hoeings are recommended, with earthing up during the second and third hoeing after applying "N" fertilizers for optimal root quality.
Harvest turnips when their tender roots reach 6-10 cm in diameter, depending on the variety. Delayed harvesting yields tough, fibrous turnips. Best to harvest in the evening.
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