Tulip Farming Tips in India - Tulip Flower Varieties

In India, there are various types of tulips, including Darvin Hybrids, Rembrandt, etc, which are popular for their vibrant colours, silky petals, and elegant forms.
A well-drained, light sandy loam soil with a 6.0-7.0 pH level and a proper drainage system is best for better growth and yield of tulip flowers.
The land should be prepared by bringing the soil to the fine tilth stage and removing any weeds. Add organic matter to improve soil health and prepare raised beds for poor drainage.
Irrigation for tulip cultivation depends on soil type and climate. In greenhouse and polyhouse cultivation, alternate-day watering is performed; otherwise, weekly irrigation is good.
A weed-free farm is important for healthy tulip cultivation. One can manually weed or use a suitable weedicide to control weed growth and mulch tulip plants to suppress weeds.
Tulips start flowering between Feb-April in mid-hills and April-June in high-hill regions. This is the best time for flower harvesting, but bulb harvesting should be done 45 days after flowering.
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