Trench Farming Technique

What is Trench Farming?

It is a simple technique to grow vegetables like spinach, fenugreek, coriander, lai, etc., in extreme winters by harnessing solar light.

Ideal size of a trench farm

The ideal size of a trench farm is 30’ X 10’ X 3’, with polyethene UV stabilized 200-micron polythene sheet to capture and harness the sunlight.

Building trenches are important

Building trenches are important because they enhance water infiltration and decrease soil erosion. These can be extended to all types of soil types.

Warmth of the trench

An underground trench keeps the trench somewhere around 16-degree celsius. Ideally, the depth of the trench is around one metre below the ground.

Its Importance

It is very important to places prone to continuous cold and long winter seasons like Leh, Ladakh, where growing crops is a difficult scenario.

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