Beautiful flowering trees that bloom in summer in India

Amaltas, the Golden Shower Tree, graces summer with its golden cascades, symbolizing prosperity and joy. Its elegant drooping branches create a mesmerizing canopy, inviting admiration and awe.
Bougainvillea, with its flamboyant bracts in shades of pink, purple, and red, is a beacon of summer cheer. Resilient and prolific, it thrives in the heat and adorns gardens, streets, and arbours with its vibrant charm.
Gulmohar, the Flame Tree, sets summer ablaze with its fiery orange-red flowers. Against a backdrop of verdant foliage, its blossoms evoke the passion and vibrancy of the season.
Jacaranda, with its ethereal purple blooms, casts a magical spell over summer landscapes. Like a painting coming to life, its flowering branches inspire awe and wonder.
Crape Myrtle Trees, adorned with clusters of delicate blossoms, exude summer sophistication. From soft pastels to bold hues, they offer a symphony of color and fragrance.
The Orange Rose, a symbol of enthusiasm and warmth, epitomizes the essence of summer romance. With its captivating beauty and sweet fragrance, it evokes joy and passion.
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