Tractor PTO Type and Uses - Safety Features

PTO Horsepower defines the power delivered by the tractor engine to operate the farm implements and is used to carry out farming tasks. Also, PTO stands For Power Take-Off.

Types Of PTO Horsepower

PTO Horsepower is mainly of four types — Transmission PTO, Independent PTO, Economy PTO and Reverse PTO, which deliver different performances according to their needs.

Calculating The PTO

We can easily calculate the PTO by multiplying the torque and RPM and dividing the product by 5,252, which can be denoted as HP = Torque (T) X Rated RPM ÷ 5,252.

Safety For PTO Shaft

It is crucial to properly function the PTO shaft as improper PTO can lead to various fatalities. The decoupling of tractors and the attached implements causes these accidents.

Importance Of PTO Horsepower

PTO Horsepower helps in easily executing farming operations; without PTO, we cannot power those farm implements that make farming easier.
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