Top Urban Farming Startup Partners in India 

Over the years, farmers were involved in traditional farming, which was quite hectic and dangerous. So, now you can start Urban farming by collaborating with such startups. 


UrbanKisaan was started by Sairam Reddy, Srinivas Chaganti, and Vihari Kanukollu in 2017 to fix India's water crisis and raise chemical-free agriculture. It is a B2B company & you can create and execute your startup with them. 


The Four Vellore Institute of Technology founded Homecrop to introduce urban farming in your balconies, terraces, and backyards. So, you can build a delicious and healthy farm on your balcony, terrace or backyard. 

UGF Farms 

Mr Linesh Pillai, a farmer who returned to Poland, established India’s first vertical farm in Mumbai in 2012. He executed UGF, where they used to convert abandoned properties into vertical farms. 


Clover partners are an agritech greenhouse platform where they provide premium and branded vegetables, grown in the greenhouse. 

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