Top Richest Farmers In India - Biography And Achievements

Pramod Gautam

Born in Nagpur, Pramod is an automobile engineer who approached farming in 2006 and fell in love with it. He sells unpolished and processed pulses with his own branding, “Vandana”.

Sachin Kale

Sachin Kale, a mechanical engineer from Nagpur, has helped more than 100 farmers to work on 200 acres of land. He grows rice and seasonal vegetables on his 24 acres of land.

Harish Dhandev

A Junior Engineer from Jaisalmer, Harish decided to give up his job and adopt farming as his occupation. He is popularly known for large-scale aloe vera production.

Ram Saran Verma

Ram Saran Verma has received numerous awards for his achievements in farming. He grows potatoes, tomatoes and bananas on his 200 acres of land, which gives him a profitable income.

Rajiv Bittu

Rajiv Bittu is a CA from Gopalganj, and he started farming in 2013. Initially, he took 32 acres of land on lease and started growing a variety of crops, which led to higher income.

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