Top 8 Indian Grains And Their Benefits During Winter

Oats are rich in healthy fibres, which help in digestion. Also, this grain helps the body fight the cold weather, making it a highly consumed food during the winter season.
Barley is a versatile winter grain which is known for its comforting texture and nutty flavour. This makes Barley a perfect addition to cold-weather diets with proper nutrition.
Quinoa is a nutrient-packed grain that adds a delightful crunch as an edible and provides warmth to keep you comfortable and energised during the winter season.
Amaranth is full of goodness, as it is rich in protein and fibre. Therefore, it becomes the go-to choice for winter meals, with both nutritional value and a comforting warmth.
Buckwheat is a healthy crop for the winter season because it helps fight many diseases. This grain has an earthy flavour, and its consumption keeps the body warm.
Rye has a toastie flavour, which is perfect for warm dishes. It is loaded with B vitamins such as niacin, thiamin and riboflavin, making it a recommended winter food.
Brown rice keeps the body warm because it has complex carbohydrates, which are slowly digested by the body. This makes brown rice a great choice for winter consumption.
The vitamin, mineral and fibre content of millet keeps the body energised, which in turn provides the body with a comforting warmth and boosts the immune system.
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