Best 7 VST Mini Tractor Selling in India

VST mini tractor price range is Rs. 2.88 to Rs. 10 Lakh in India. Therefore, every tractor model from VST is reasonably priced according to the features.
VST Shakti 932 tractor is a powerful mini tractor with 30 HP engine and effective 1250 kg hydraulic lifting capacity. It is priced at Rs. 5.40 - 5.70 lakh in India.
VST MT 270 Viraat 4W Price range starts Rs. 4.21 - 4.82 lakh this tractor generates 24 HP of Take-Off Power. And the sliding mesh transmission of this VST mini tractor offers smooth operation.
VST 270 mini tractor is equipped with an efficient 27 HP engine, which generates 2800 RPM, and it has a constant mesh transmission. Its price is Rs. 4.21 - 4.82 lakh in India.
VST Shakti MT 270 HT is available for a price of Rs. 5.10 to 5.50 lakh in India. This VST mini tractor has a 4-cylinder engine with 1306 CC displacement capacity.
VST VT 224 best selling mini tractor in India. This tractor price of Rs. 3.71 - 4.12 lakh. This VST mini tractor has a 22 Horsepower engine.
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