Top 7 Vitamin D Rich Healthy Foods

Vitamin D is one of the crucial nutrients for the proper functioning of the body. It is a group of fat-soluble natural steroids, and Vitamin D is also popular as calciferol.
Vitamin D is needed by the body to absorb calcium efficiently. It also maintains the level of phosphate in the body, which is crucial for dental and bone health.
Button mushrooms or shiitake mushrooms provide a significant amount of daily Vitamin D in the body. This makes it a preferred choice as a natural supplement of vitamin D.
Cheese is one of the reliable choices to fulfill vitamin D requirements. Regular and limited consumption of cheese is beneficial for the daily dose of vitamin D.
A number of fruits have vitamins and minerals, along with the required amount of vitamin D. Fruits such as oranges and bananas have an ideal amount of vitamin D.
Tofu and soya chunks give an adequate amount of vitamin D, making them a recommended choice as soy products. They are rich in protein content to help build muscles as well.
As the name suggests, fortified cereals have added nutrients. Also, they contain the right amount of vitamin D, contributing to higher bone density and dental health.
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