Top 7 Summer Flowers of India - Types of Flowers

The major types of summer flowers are Marigold, Hibiscus, Bougainvillea, Lotus, Cosmos, Jasmine and Sunflower. All of these flowers are ideal for aesthetic purposes.
Marigold flowers are cherished as vibrant symbols of summer in India. Marigolds adorn festivals and celebrations with their radiant hues, making them a crucial summer flower.
Hibiscus flowers bloom brilliantly during the scorching summers of India. These flowers of the summer season add a burst of beautiful colour to the landscape of Indian greenery.
Bougainvillea flowers are known for their eye-catching and vibrant colours. This summer flower in India is considered an ornamental flower due to its high aesthetic appeal.
Highlighting purity and resilience, these summer flowers bloom gracefully in India. Also, Lotus flowers have a reasonable market value, making it a profitable flower.
Cosmos flowers signify the warm Indian summer breeze. The delicate petals of these summer flowers bring a touch of elegance to the season with their attractive colour.
Jasmine flowers have a sweet fragrance that enchants India's summer nights with their aroma. These summer flowers have different applications in various industries.
Sunflowers stand tall and radiant as summer flowers in India. At the same time, sunflowers embody the spirit of Indian summer with their vibrant golden flowers.
Summer Flowers