Top 7 Small Business Ideas with Low Investment

Mushrooms require less space to grow and less initial investment. Also, it starts yielding only a month after casing. This makes mushroom farming a profitable business idea.
Poultry farming generates many products simultaneously, such as eggs, meat and organic waste. Thus, poultry farming is a profitable business idea with less investment.
Growing vegetables on a large scale is profitable due to their high market demands. Also, health-conscious people prefer fresh vegetable yields as they have nutritional benefits.
Making banana chips is a profitable business due to its lower initial investment. Also, banana chips can be easily made in homes and do not require factories.
Indians prefer freshly ground flour, which makes flour mill a profitable business. Flour mills can be used for various purposes, such as grinding pulses, grains or spices.
The yielding time in pearl farming is less and needs less set-up cost. At the same time, the profit-to-cost ratio is high in pearl farming, making it a profitable business.
Goat farming needs less labour costs, as the goats are easier to manage. The byproducts generated by goats can be used in crop production, which makes it a profitable business.
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