Top 7 Radish Production States in India

This state has a vast land area dedicated to the cultivation of radishes. As a result, radish production in Haryana plays a major role in India’s total production of radishes.
West Bengal holds a special place in the list of leading producers of radishes in India. The cultivation of radishes is a profitable business for farmers in West Bengal.

Punjab is a popular state for growing radishes commercially. This is due to the availability of ideal climatic conditions in Punjab, making it easier for farmers to grow radishes.

Assam also secured its place among the largest producers of radishes in India. The state of Assam has a huge number of farmers engaged in commercial farming of radishes.
With nutrient-rich soil and a high demand for radishes, this state marks its significance in the total radishes produced in India. Also, it grows a different variety of radishes.
The huge population of Bihar consumes a significant amount of radishes. As a result, growing radish for commercial purposes is one of the best businesses for farmers in Bihar.
Madhya Pradesh also has many farmers engaged in vegetable farming, and radishes are one of the main ones. Radish farming is practised in many parts of Madhya Pradesh.
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