Top 7 Most Profitable Crops in India

Gerbera flowers are used for decorative purposes and in bouquets, which makes it a high-demand crop in the markets. Therefore, it is known as a profitable crop for farmers in India.
Ginger is valued for its strong taste and has a lot of uses in several dishes. Also, it is used in both fresh and dried form, making it a profitable crop for Indian farmers.
Turmeric has a high demand due to its medicinal properties. Also, it is used in religious ceremonies in India, resulting in its large-scale cultivation for higher profits.
Coloured Capsicum is popular among large fast-food chains, as it adds a vibrant colour to different dishes. This makes it a profitable crop to grow on a large scale.
Tomato takes less time to grow and is sold in different forms, such as canned, fresh, pureed and dried. For a higher income, tomato is a profitable crop in India.
Dutch Rose has a high market value due to its wide use in marriage ceremonies, Valentine’s Days, birthdays and other special occasions, which makes it a profitable crop.
Cucumbers are exported to other countries due to their high demand. Also, they are largely used to make pickles in India. This makes cucumbers a profitable crop for farmers.
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