Top 7 Guava producing state in India : Guava Fruit

Uttar Pradesh dominates India's guava production with 22.93% market share, producing 928.44 tonnes annually. Guava is rich in antioxidants, fibers, vitamin C, and potassium.
Bihar produces 434.41 MT or 9.62% of the overall guava cultivation in India. Bihar has the proper climatic conditions and proper soil fertility for the better growth of guava.
Produces 776.75 MT of guavas, or 17.20% of the overall guava cultivation in India. In Madhya Pradesh, the guava is known as “Amrud Indor”, making it more attractive to the state.
Maharashtra is leading guava producer in area and production, followed by Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Produces 1.68 million tonnes annually, which greatly contributes to the economy.
Andhra Pradesh Produces 335.11 MT or 7.42% of the overall cultivation of guava in India. Andhra Pradesh produces a great number of guava annually, which gives farmers a good profit.
Gujarat produces a good number of guava, which is benefiting India's economy. Gujarat produces 175.33 MT, or 3.88% of the overall guava cultivation in India.
Karnataka produces 149.50 MT of guava in a year. It provides a great number to agricultural marks and graphs of Karnataka. Guava production in Karnataka is low comparatively.
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