Top 7 Ber Production States in India

Ber needs a hot and dry climate to grow, and the state of Madhya Pradesh has the availability of such conditions. This makes Madhya Pradesh a major producer of ber in India.
Gujarat is one of the leading producers of ber because it has the availability of several types of soil, abundant rainfall, ideal temperature, and proper irrigation.
In Chhattisgarh, ber is produced as a wild crop, and the state has a high number of ber trees. Also, these ber trees act as a support crop for other commercial plants.
Andhra Pradesh is popular for growing a wide variety of fruits, and ber is a highly cultivated fruit among them. Many farmers of this state are engaged in the production of ber.
Maharashtra accounts for more than 9 percent of the total ber cultivated in India. The popular varieties of ber grown in Maharashtra are Umran, Karaka and Gola.
Haryana’s ber production is assisted by its state government, which set up 8 ber nurseries throughout 5 states, which are Hisar, Jind, Kaithal, Gurgaon and Sirsa.
Punjab shares more than 22 per cent of the overall ber produced in India. This makes Punjab a renowned producer of ber while ensuring a profitable yield from its farming.
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