Top 6 Winter Season Vegetables In India - Types Of Vegetables

Garlic is an excellent winter vegetable to grow as it adds strong flavour to dishes and it can thrive in colder temperatures. This makes it easy to grow during the winter months.
Shallots provide a mild and sweet onion flavour to winter dishes which makes one of the best winter vegetables to grow. Also, they can withstand cold conditions for home gardens.
Cabbage acts as a versatile ingredient for soups, stews, and salads during the colder months. It can flourish well in cold conditions, making it a popular winter veggie.
Broad beans increase the nitrogen content in the soil and yield nutrient-rich pods, which proves them a valuable addition to both winter gardens and commercial fields.
Purple sprouting broccoli thrives in cool temperatures and it provides a flavourful addition to winter meals. Also, this winter veggie offers essential vitamins and antioxidants.
Swiss chard is a popular choice among winter vegetables because it delivers a nutritional boost to winter diets as it has a rich content of vitamins and minerals.
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