Top 6 Vitamin B12 Rich Foods In India

Vitamin B12 is needed by the body to keep the nerve cells healthy. It is an essential nutrient, as Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to weight loss, irritability and fatigue.
Spinach is a great source of vitamin B12, crucial for the proper functioning of the body. Leafy veggies such as spinach have the right amount of vitamin B12 with other nutrients.
Milk is another preferable choice to overcome vitamin B12 deficiency. Regular consumption of milk provides a significant amount of daily vitamin B12 requirement.
Consuming Greek yoghurt fulfils almost half of the daily requirement of vitamin B12. Greek yoghurt also contains protein along with vitamin B12, helping in muscle building.
Beetroots are loaded with vitamin B12, helping to overcome fatigue and haemoglobin deficiency. They are also rich in iron and other additional nutrients for a healthy body.
Adding Shitake mushrooms to your diet is beneficial to cure vitamin B12 deficiency. 100 grams of Shiitake mushrooms provide more than the daily recommended vitamin B12.
Whole wheat oats are an excellent choice to fulfil the daily dose of vitamin B12. Regularly consuming whole wheat oats keeps the body healthy with loads of nutrients.
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