Top 6 Vitamin B12 Rich Dry Fruits: You Must Add in Your Diet

Almonds have a significant amount of protein and essential fibres. However, almonds have a small quantity of vitamin b12 as well, which ensures the proper functioning of the body.
Dates have various nutrients to help the body function better, making it ideal to add to the daily diet. At the same time, dates acquire very little quantity of vitamin b12.
Walnuts are good for the functioning of the brain, and they also have dietary fibre for better digestion. Moreover, walnuts have a considerable amount of vitamin b12.
Sunflower seeds are known for their vitamin E content, but they offer a modest amount of vitamin b12. As a result, adding sunflower seeds to the daily diet is good for health.
Although cashews do not fulfill the daily required quantity of vitamin b12, adding them to the regular diet provides you with a number of other essential nutrients.
Pumpkin seeds also contribute to fulfilling the amount of vitamin b12 needed by the body. At the same time, pumpkin seeds have anti-inflammatory properties for better health.
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