Top 6 Types of Chillies in India - Chilli Farming

Chilli farming involves cultivating chilli peppers, popular spices known for their pungent flavour. It requires a suitable climate, soil, and proper care for successful cultivation.
Kashmiri Chilli, renowned for its vibrant red hue and mild heat, adds distinctive flavour to dishes. A culinary gem from Kashmir, enhancing the taste of diverse cuisines.
Guntur Chilli, renowned for its fiery heat and vibrant red colour, is a staple in Indian cuisine, adding spice and flavour to dishes worldwide.
Byadgi Chilli, renowned for its vibrant red colour and mild heat, originates from Karnataka, India. It is a key ingredient in Indian cuisine, adding flavour and colour.
Jwala Chilli, known for its fiery heat, is a popular Indian variety. Its vibrant green colour and intense spiciness make it a staple in many regional cuisines.
Sankeshwari is a sacred place in India, known for its spiritual significance and vibrant cultural heritage, attracting devotees seeking divine blessings and cultural richness.
Mathania Mirch, a fiery chilli variety from the Mathania region in Rajasthan, India, is renowned for its intense heat and rich flavour, adding spice to dishes.
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