Top 6 Turmeric Producing States in India

Maharashtra, Telangana, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu are the leading states producing turmeric. India holds over 62% of the global turmeric trade.
Telangana leads in turmeric, producing 330,000 tonnes yearly, nearly 30% of India's total. Fertile soils and dedicated farmers contribute to this southern state's success.
Maharashtra produces 260,000 tonnes of turmeric due to favourable climate and skilled farming. However, Sangli district is famous for its high-quality and aromatic Sangli turmeric.
Karnataka stands out on the turmeric map, producing 130,000 tonnes. The districts of Salem and Erode, notably prolific, contribute significantly to the state's golden bounty.
Tamil Nadu, from Ramanathapuram to Tiruchirapalli, produces 95,000 tonnes of turmeric. Farmers excel in cultivating Salem ginger, valued for its pungent flavor and medicinal benefits.
Andhra Pradesh, producing 74,000 tonnes, relies on hubs like Nizamabad and Kurnool. Local varieties Nizamabad Alleppey and Rajapuri are prized for their unique earthy notes.
Madhya Pradesh makes a substantial contribution, producing 68,000 tonnes of turmeric. This plays a vital role in securing India's position as the world's largest producer of this golden spice.
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