Top 6 Tomato Producing States in India

Gujarat's annual production of tomatoes contributes to 6.87 percent of tomatoes produced all over the country. This makes Gujarat a major tomato-growing state in India.
Madhya Pradesh has a 14.63 per cent share in the overall cultivation of tomatoes in India. Thus, many farmers in Madhya Pradesh are engaged in commercial farming of tomatoes.
Maharashtra holds a 5.66 per cent share in India's overall production of tomato cultivation. Due to the suitable soil and climate, Maharashtra is a major producer of tomatoes.
Karnataka is one of the leading producers of tomatoes in India. This state contributes about 10.23 per cent of tomato production to the country while generating higher profits.
Bihar's overall contribution to India's tomato production is 4.68 per cent. This contribution makes Bihar one of the largest tomato-producing states in the country.
Tamil Nadu has a 7.34 per cent share in the overall production of tomatoes in India. Also, many farmers of Tamil Nadu practise tomato cultivation for higher income.
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