Top 6 Tips to Improve Farming Productivity

You can start by enhancing the soil’s natural fertility and water-holding capacity. Soil-building practices like cover cropping can help you grow high-yielding, quality crops.
Crop Rotation or diverse cropping systems can help you maintain soil fertility and prevent disease buildup that will result in improved yields and farming productivity.
Water is a must for profitable farming. Maintaining good water management with irrigation systems like drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation can help improve your productivity by 50%.
Implementing Integrated Pest Management strategies not only effectively controls pests but also reduces dependency on pesticides while preserving beneficial insects.
To cultivate a successful harvest, always invest in high-quality seeds certified for better germination, disease resistance, and higher yield.
Monitoring weather conditions is necessary to make informed decisions regarding irrigation, planting, and pest management. Adaptation is key to improving farming productivity.
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