Top 6 Sorghum Producing States In India

In India, the states of Maharashtra and Karnataka together produce 57.2% of sorghum (Jowar). The other major contributors are Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, and Andhra Pradesh.
Maharashtra, known for its diverse climatic conditions, stands as the largest producer of sorghum, contributing an impressive 1,711,230 tonnes to the annual production.
Karnataka is India's second-largest sorghum producer, contributing 20.57% to the total production. Key districts for sorghum cultivation include Kalaburagi, Vijayapura, and Yadgir.
Madhya Pradesh, a significant sorghum producer in India, ranks third with an annual yield of approximately 240,680 tonnes. Sorghum serves purposes like food, fodder, and biofuel.
Tamil Nadu ranks fourth in annual sorghum production, yielding approximately 291,580 tonnes from 4.01 lakh hectares. Key districts include Coimbatore, Dindigul, and Tiruchirapalli.
Rajasthan, the fifth-largest sorghum producer in India, contributes 8% to the total production. This drought-resistant crop is well-suited to Rajasthan's arid climate.
Andhra Pradesh produces 5.58-6.23% of India's sorghum, with Guntur, Kurnool, and Kadapa as key districts. Guntur district leads in both production and productivity.
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