Top 6 Reasons To Choose A Farmtrac Tractor

Driver’s Comfort

Farmtrac tractor offers best-in-class comfort to farmers due to their comfortable seat and smoother control.

Wide Range Of Models

Farmtrac is known to deliver a large range of tractor models with the HP ranging from 22 to 80 HP.

Value For Money

This brand’s models come at an affordable price range, which is decided according to the budget of Indian farmers. The Farmtrac mini tractor price range is Rs. 4.00 to 4.50 lakh and the utility tractors price is Rs. 5.00 to 10.50 lakh in India.

Less Fuel-Consumption

Farmtrac tractors are engineered to operate with low fuel consumption without compromising the performance.

Ensuring Operator’s Safety

Its models have top-class brakes and steering to properly handle the tractors on every terrain.

Large Network Of Dealers

Farmtrac has certified dealers nationwide, ensuring easier availability of spare parts and proper maintenance.

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