Top 6 Rare Exotic Fruits In India

Phalsa is known as the Indian sherbet berry, and it has a similar appearance to grapes. This exotic fruit has cooling properties, helpful for fighting the summer’s heat.
This hard-shelled fruit is recommended in summer, and it has many health benefits. As a rare exotic fruit, it can be helpful for treating digestion-related diseases.
Rambutan is a green-shelled fruit which has a hairy red appearance. However, it looks like a sea urchin, but this exotic fruit is related to longan fruits or lychee.
Belonging to the Clusiaceae family, Kokum is round fruit which has red colour. However, this exotic becomes purple in colour after ripening, and it has a tangy taste.
This exotic fruit has a good taste, and it comes from the sub-Himalayan regions. Moreover, the Kafal fruit has a high market value due to its rare cultivation.
Mangosteen is another popular exotic fruit, and it is a tropical fruit with a sour and sweet taste. Moreover, it has a hard shell with juicy and white flesh inside.
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