Top 6 Profitable Crops to Grow in Winter

Plant spinach all year, but it's best in winter from September to October or in spring from mid-February to April. Make sure to space the rows 25-30 cm apart and the plants 5-10 cm apart.
Lettuce is a nutritious choice rich in fibre, iron, folate, and vitamin C. It quickly matures for harvesting within a few weeks of being planted, making it a convenient and healthy addition to your diet.
Growing mushrooms, especially oyster mushrooms, can make good money in just 5 weeks, selling for 1,057 to 2000 per pound. It's great for small spaces, like in cities, and you can grow them indoors for a high return.
Garlic is a low-maintenance cash crop, being highly profitable. To make good money growing garlic, try Elephant garlic, purple stripe, or Rocambole; they're some of the most profitable types.
Lavender is a hassle-free crop suitable for various climates, needing minimal fertiliser and irrigation. It propagates from cuttings, boasting fast growth and resilience against diseases.
Growing microgreens is like growing mushrooms; they make a lot of money in a small space. You can start with a few trays, and as you grow, use shelves and lights for more profit.
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