Top 6 Ornamental Flowers For Each Season

The tulip ranks first among ornamental plants for its brilliant colour and exquisite looks. Tulips are excellent for cut flowers, beds, and pots and are kept as first meet flowers.
Vast marigolds are used in garlands and decorations for weddings, festivals, and religious events. Marigold cultivation is extensively seen in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu.
Crocus bulbs bloom into beautiful garden gems. They look best when grown in clumps. Plant different colours together to stand out against the green foliage to enhance the beauty.
Roses are often grown as ornamental plants for their beautiful and sometimes fragrance. They are popular garden plants but are sometimes grown indoors and are used as cut flowers.
Dahlia comes in small sizes up to 5cm to as large as your table plate of size 30cm. The plant consists of one head per stem. Varieties of Dahlia flowers vary in size and colour.
Hibiscus is known from the other word as the “china rose.” Hibiscus is of immense use as ornamentals due to their showy flowers and also because of their medicinal offerings.
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