Top 5 Orange Production States in India

Nagpur Santra, Coorg Santra, Khasi Santra, Dancy Orange and Butwal are the popular varieties of Orange in India. These varieties are highly profitable if grown with proper care.
According to the stats, Madhya Pradesh stands first in terms of Orange production in India. This is due to the suitable agro-climatic condition for large-scale orange cultivation.
With the availability of adequate humidity and rainfall during summer, Haryana is one of the most suitable states for Orange production in India, with higher profits.
Rajasthan is also another major orange producing state in India. However, Jhalawar and Kota are two famous districts in Rajasthan for profitable Orange cultivation.
Maharashtra is famous for its Nagpur orange, which has a high demand in the Indian market. As a result, this state is also considered as a big orange producing state in India.
In Punjab, oranges are mainly cultivated at some specific locations as they require well-irrigated land. Also, spring and monsoon seasons are ideal for orange farming in Punjab.
Tamil Nadu is also a popular orange producing state in India. Furthermore, July to September is the suggested season for the cultivation of oranges in Tamil Nadu.
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