Top 6 Onion Varieties Grown in India

Pusa Red onion is popular for its vibrant red colour, and it is a high-yielding variety with excellent storage qualities. This makes it one of the best onions grown in India.
Agrifound Rose onion has a unique rose-pink colour, strong flavour, and good shelf life. This proves itself as one of the top onion varieties cultivated in India.
Pusa Ratnar onion has a rich red colour and uniform bulb size, and it can adapt to different climatic conditions. As a result, it has become one of the best onion varieties in India.
Pusa White Flat onion is recognized for its unique flat-shaped bulbs, mild flavour, and versatile uses, making it a popular choice and one of the best onion varieties in India.
Agrifound Red onion comes with a deep red colour, pungent taste, and long shelf life. All these qualities make it one of the best commercially grown onion varieties in India.
Pusa Madhavi onion has large-sized bulbs and it is resistant to diseases. Thus, this variety of onions is highly cultivated in India due to its unique qualities.
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