Top 6 Most Profitable Cash Crops : Business Idea

Mushroom farming requires a low initial investment, and it generates yield quickly. As a result, mushrooms are one of the high-profit cash crops, making their cultivation lucrative.
The rising demand for healthy and quick-growing food items led to the high market price of microgreens. This makes microgreens a profitable cash crop for everyone.
Ginseng has many nutritional properties, and it is effective in curing impotency, which increases its market price. Thus, Ginseng has become one of the most profitable cash crops.
Saffron’s market price is high due to its rarity, as a large land area is needed to obtain 1 kg of saffron. This way, saffron is a recommended cash crop to grow on a large scale.
Lavender needs less labour and resources to grow, making it a high-profit cash crop for business. Also, lavender has different uses, ranging from cosmetics to decorative items.
Bonsai plants are highly popular among plant collectors and have a high market price. This makes bonsai plants a profitable cash crop to grow for commercial purposes.
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