Top 6 Most Powerful Tractors in India

The John Deere 6120 B has a powerful engine, boasting an impressive 120 HP. With a PTO HP 102, this tractor delivers ample power to operate various implements and attachments.
It's a powerful tractor with high HP and high torque. Powerful hydraulics can lift up to 3650 kg of weight. There are bigger tyres to ensure high grip and increase productivity.
It is a popular tractor in India under 85 HP, fitted with Diesel and has an engine capacity of 4087 cc. The tractor model has a Manual and 12 Forward + 12 Reverse gearboxes.
Sonalika Worldtrac 90 Rx is a popular tractor in India under 90 HP. This tractor model is equipped with Synchromesh and 12 Forward + 12 Reverse gearbox and fitted with a Diesel tank.
This tractor is capable of delivering a maximum HP of 90 HP with an engine-rated RPM of 2200 RPM. This TD 5.90 is a fuel-efficient tractor available in a diesel engine option.
The Indo Farm DI 3090 4 WD is one of the most powerful tractors and offers good mileage. The DI 3090 4 WD Tractor has the capability to provide high performance on the field.
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