Top 6 Most Popular 25 HP Tractor In India

Mahindra 255 DI POWER PLUS is a popular 25 HP tractor in India with 21.8 HP PTO and 1220 kg lifting capacity. This Mahindra tractor is priced at Rs. 4.10 to 4.50 lakh in India.
Swaraj 724 FE 4WD has a 2-cylinder, 25 HP engine with 750 kg lifting capacity and 21.5 HP PTO. This popular Swaraj tractor price in India is Rs. 4.18 to 4.35 lakh.
Swaraj 724 XM ORCHARD equips an 1824 CC capacity engine with 25 HP. With a price range of Rs. 4.70 - 5.05 lakh in India, it has a 21.1 HP PTO and 1000 kg lifting capacity.
The Powertrac 425 N is a popular 25 HP tractor with a 1560 CC capacity. It has a 21.25 HP PTO and 1300 kg hydraulics at a price of Rs. 5.65 to 5.85 lakh in India.
This tractor from Farmtrac has a 26 HP engine and a 20 HP PTO. Also, the Farmtrac Atom 26 price is Rs. 5.65 to 5.85 lakh in India with 750 kg lifting capacity.
Sonalika Tiger 26 has a 26 HP engine and 800 kg lifting capacity with 22.36 HP PTO. The price of this popular Sonalika tractor is Rs. 5.17 to 5.49 lakh in India.
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