Top 6 Most Fragrant Flowers: Best Smelling Flowers for Garden

Heliotrope is one of the best-smelling flowers. This flower grows in clusters with star-shaped blossoms. The smell of Heliotrope flowers is much similar to vanilla.
Rose flowers contain a significant amount of oil-based compounds, which make them a sweet-smelling blossom. Also, its smell is helpful for a relaxed and calm mind.
The Gardenia flowers are known for their varying smell depending on the time of the day. This sweet-smelling flower has a tangy and spicy fragrance due to the oils present in it.
Sweet Pea flowers come in different colours, and they have an intense smell, encouraging positivity. However, Sweet Pea flowers are grown for commercial purposes.
Daphne is an evergreen shrub with tubular blossoms. It blooms in clusters, which have a pale and pinkish appearance. The smell of Daphne flowers is bright and citrusy.
Lilac is another fragrant flower, and its fragrance presents an essence of nature. This sweet-smelling flower has a strong and mixed aroma of berries and lavender.
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