Top 6 Most Expensive Foods in India 2024

A2 Gir Cow Milk is popular for both its unique flavour and health benefits. This premium milk is highly sought-after since it comes from native Gir cows and is high in A2 beta-casein protein.
Kashmiri morels, often referred to as Gucchi mushrooms, are extremely costly due to their unique flavour and rarity. These wild mushrooms, which may be quite expensive, are harvested in Kashmir's forests.
Matsutake mushrooms are a rare and delicious delicacy in the Himalayan woods. Because of their distinct spicy aroma and limited supplies, they are among the priciest mushrooms.
In India, oysters are a premium seafood that is frequently imported and offered at high-end restaurants. They are expensive because of their delicious flavour and aphrodisiac properties.
Culinary treat Iberico Ham is imported from Spain and sold in a few Indian marketplaces. This ham, which is made from Iberian pigs, is well-known for its flavorful, soft texture and high cost.
A rare and highly valued fish, bluefin tuna is frequently used to make sushi and sashimi. Because of its delicious, buttery flesh and strong demand, it's one of the priciest seafood selections in India.
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